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The art of solving complex cross-border trade challenges is knowing how to combine legislation, regulation, theoretical applications, and local practices into well-designed, compliant solutions.

Your Trade Compliance Consulting House

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Trade Compliance Consulting


Welcome to BlueBlox

Cross-border trade involves complex legislation, regulation, theoretical applications, and local practices. The art is in knowing how to combine these into well-designed, compliant solutions – and this is what we specialise in at BlueBlox.

Our clients are usually multinational manufacturers or international players in the market, who face significant trade barriers when importing products into developing markets.

What motivates us

BlueBlox believes in empowering nations. We also believe that true empowerment will not be achieved through aid, but through trade. Our position is that, for trade to yield genuine empowerment, it must always be above-board, compliant, and sustainable. To this end, we are driven to transform cross-border trade.

Who we are

BlueBlox is a trade compliance consulting house known for enabling and streamlining cross-border trade into the tough emerging markets of Africa, the Middle East, and Eastern Europe.

Through years of experience we have seen how generally accepted practices sometimes take preference over the right solutions in the developing and growing economies of Africa, the Middle East, and Eastern Europe. Our company’s motto ‘be different, be compliant.’ stands as a call to action, intending to inspire institutions, businesses and individuals not to conform to the general practices of the market, but to be proud of difference and proud of compliance.

Trade Compliance Consulting

What we do

BlueBlox works to reduce the gap that exists between internationally agreed standards and local practical application, via three core services:

  1. Trade Compliance Consulting Services

  2. Importer & Exporter of Record (IOR / EOR) Consulting Services

  3. Trade Facilitation Support and Government Negotiations

With our help, BlueBlox clients are able to import goods into their desired markets, with the confidence that their cross-border trade will take place smoothly and compliantly.

BlueBlox also breaks down the complex regulatory barriers between public and private sectors; conducting negotiations with government authorities on behalf of clients where necessary.

What makes us different

At BlueBlox, we don’t sell solutions. We solve problems.

We approach each project from the client’s perspective.
We are forward-looking, brave, and relentlessly practical. In everything we do, we’re committed to:

Practical Consulting

We provide support that looks at all elements of trade and breaks them down into implementable solutions.

Questioning Norms

We challenge current standards and work for the greater good to ensure that effective and compliant trade is achieved.

Fighting Corruption

We have integrity in everything we do, and we demonstrate the promotion of transparent, ethical, and compliant trade practices.

Trade Compliance Consulting