Who is BlueBlox?



When the word Africa is mentioned in an international and professional environment, the whole mindset and mood about the subject or person will instantly change. Various assumptions are made about Africans, with stereotypical preconceptions that stretch over racial, cultural, and traditional boundaries. As a result, it can be difficult being an African in a professional and corporate environment. However, the same concept rings true for other developing countries as well. This bleeds into corporate deals such as international trade, where foreign companies and governments can be influenced on these grounds.


BlueBlox is a trade compliance consulting house specialising in enabling and streamlining cross-border and international trade for emerging markets in Africa, the Middle East and Eastern Europe. In some of these markets various business practices could be considered acceptable through a certain culture’s perspective. These practices can alienate foreign businesses and governments, especially where these practices they take preference over compliant solutions, as they focus on workarounds to “stimulate” trade and economic growth. We encourage our clients to be different and compliant to break the mould of preconceptions and only deliver a compliant solutions as opposed to merely conforming to what is acceptable or expected in any market.


We offer trade compliance consulting, importer of record consulting, government negotiations and trade facilitation support for our clients. These services are aimed at reducing the gap between internationally agreed standards from a 1st-world perspective and local practical applications within a developing country. As a result, compliance in trade agreements can offer a feasible solution for both parties, which will stimulate and streamline cross-border trades for emerging markets in developing countries. A common misconception is that developing countries in Africa, the Middle East and Eastern Europe, are not capable of producing able-minded individuals to allow for compliant cross-border trade solutions. Time to prove them wrong.


BlueBlox offers trade compliance consulting services to open doors and create opportunities for emerging markets in developing countries in Africa, Eastern Europe, and the Middle East.

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