What is the WCO? How is it different from the WTO?

What is the WCO?

The World Customs Organisation (WCO) is an intergovernmental organisation that is headquartered in Brussels, Belgium. This organisation’s focus is on the development of instruments and tools on trade topics that includes commodity classification, customs valuation, collection of customs revenues, and rules of origin to only name a few. Some of the more serious topics they also address, include international trade facilitation, intellectual property rights, drug enforcement, and illegal weapons trading. They also develop sustainable capacity building to assist with customs reforms and the modernisation of this sector.

For more detail on the difference between the WCO and WTO please refer to our article: What is the WTO and how is it different from the WCO?”

Who Can Help Me with Trade Compliance?

Trade compliance is a very important aspect of the WTO and is made possible by the tools and instruments developed by the WCO. Both organisations are about fair trading between Member countries. As complicated as it all sounds, there is a solution for businesses seeking to trade their goods and services to other countries. Whether it involves government negotiations, market research, or trade compliance, we have the solutions for you.

BlueBlox is your trade compliance consultancy house that will assist your business with trade negotiations and compliance when you want to penetrate developing markets in countries from Africa, the Middle East, and Eastern Europe. To truly understand the business of trade compliance, you must know the difference between the functions of the WTO and WCO. You must also know and adhere to the regulations set forth by both organisations to ensure that you can thrive in the trading sector. Our trade compliance consultancy house can assist your business through these unpredictable waters.

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