trade facilitation


BlueBlox breaks down the complex regulatory
barriers between public and private sectors;
conducting negotiations with government authorities
on behalf of clients where necessary.

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Trade Facilitation Support & Government Negotiation

Trade Facilitation Support & Government Negotiations

Every country has its own development trajectory in light of the global development goals of the WTO and WCO, and is uniquely positioned along what we call the ‘general trade development curve’.

BlueBlox understands the unique positioning of each country, which provides that country’s specific departure point for trade negotiations. This is why our trade facilitation and government negotiation services give our clients such a value-adding edge.


It helps to keep in mind that legislation in developing markets is not only inconsistent, but in some regions only partly implemented. Specifically, many regions have yet to actualise the trade facilitation agreements they’ve made with the WTO.

This is why we look at local legislation from a client-centric viewpoint, in the context of each business’s needs. We ask, ‘Is it possible to find a win-win for all parties: government, client, and economic development at country level? What is in the best interest of all parties?’

To ensure that our trade facilitation and government negotiation services are offered with authority and deliver the impact required, BlueBlox continuously develops and leverages relationships with governments, chambers of commerce, the WTO in Switzerland, and the WCO in Brussels, to deliver mutually beneficial, compliant solutions.

Breaking through barriers, one project at a time, one business at a time,
one country at a time.