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We don’t sell solutions. We solve problems.
We approach each project from the client’s perspective.
We challenge current standards and work for the greater good
to ensure that effective and compliant trade is achieved.

Your Trade Compliance Consulting House.

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Trade Compliance Consulting

Trade Compliance Consulting

BlueBlox helps clients to overcome complicated trade and legislative barriers when entering or doing business in developing markets. 
We tailor our approach to each client’s challenges and objectives, and structure our deliverables around current and future business needs. 

Trade Compliance Consulting

These are a few examples of problems we’ve helped our customers to solve:

Market assessment and operational evaluations

We evaluated whether it was worth entering a market, based on its economic and political status, ease of entry, transparency, access to information, and accuracy of operational execution by authorities.

Business model evaluation and legislative investigations.

We outlined all of the legislative elements that could impact a client’s business in a specific market, including the authoritative bodies that could affect implementation and operation of a business model.

Valuation, tariff, and origin disputes management.

We supported clients through disputes they faced in their local markets, by developing valuation, tariff, or origin defence, based on local interpretation of legislation and internationally accepted standards.

Regulatory compliance.

We determined what regulatory compliance processes and procedures applied to our client’s products and helped them complete the necessary documentation.

Operational compliance.

We helped clients to understand a market’s operational practices – which didn’t align with legislative prescriptions – and provided guidelines, processes, and legislative arguments to support their activities in that market.

Business licence registration.

We helped clients to update their trade licences, so that they could conduct business fully compliantly in a specific market

Local vendor / service provider evaluation and audits

We helped clients to evaluate local vendors / service providers by assessing their knowledge, capabilities, execution, contracts and compliance focus, and assisting with training development.

Export compliance.

We reviewed clients’ export control compliance throughout the Middle East and African markets, so that they could implement compliant and sustainable processes for business growth.

No matter what your Trade Compliance challenge is, BlueBlox can and will help you solve it.

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