The 9 Ps of Precision


9 elements that every trade transaction needs for success

At BlueBlox we specialise in assisting multinational manufacturers and international players who face trade barriers when importing products into developing markets.

Over the years, we have identified nine core elements involved in achieving a successful trade transaction and we’ve titled these the ‘9 Ps of Precision’.

You can use the list below as a checklist if you like, to help you. Our 9 Ps are:

1. Policies

What is the legislation to be complied with? What are the relevant trade regulations?

2. Product

What products are you trading with? Is your product compliant to the regulations?

3. Permits

What shipping permits are required?

4. Parties

Who’s involved in the transaction? Is every company/brand appropriately compliant?

5. People

What are the names of the individuals that you’re talking to on the ground in the country in question? The soundness of your supply chain relies on this information.

6. Paperwork

Is all of the paperwork as full and clear as possible?

7. Process

What’s your process? Have you outlined it in detail?

8. Platforms

Which systems will you use to track your shipments?

9. Performance

What are the Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) for measuring if your transaction has gone smoothly? What do your Service Level Agreements (SLAs) say?