Overcoming Trade Registration Challenges in Africa and the Middle East


International BlueBlox clients face common challenges when applying for trade licences in Africa or the Middle East.

These can include:

  • Dealing with authorities
  • Language barriers
  • Complicated documentation
  • Using a representative who does not have the necessary experience in compliance processes
  • Using a representative who does not have the necessary knowledge about the business’s products or trading model

Sound familiar? Here are some pointers to overcome these challenges.

  1. Know the latest trade registration requirements. This helps you to understand your current status quo and what’s missing.


  1. Determine your business model. Know what you want to accomplish once you have completed your trade registration process, and understand how the trade licence serves your business model.


  1. Be prepared. If you operate a non-standard business model – like a service supply chain or Importer of Record model – it’s crucial that your documents are in order, so that you can explain your model to authorities who may be unfamiliar with it.


  1. Appoint a consultant. Someone who can guide you through the right processes to follow, who understands local legislation and, most importantly, who knows what you can and can’t import into the local market.


  1. Follow up. Getting a trade licence takes time and requires constant engagement, discussions, and clarifications with authorities. Be prepared for this and be patient.


Remember: every country is different and every trade registration process is different.

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