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With our help, BlueBlox clients are able to
import goods into their desired markets,
with the confidence that their cross-border trade
will take place smoothly and compliantly.

Your Trade Compliance Consulting House

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Importer & Exporter of Record Consulting

Importer & Exporter of Record Consulting Services

Drawing on years of practical and operational experience in the provision of Importer of Record (IOR) and Exporter of Record (EOR) services, our consulting team has developed a separate service offering that provides answers to specific IOR and EOR questions.

As such, BlueBlox’s IOR and EOR Consulting Services extend from more generic standard solutions to comprehensively tailored advisory support, depending on the unique challenges that may arise in clients’ development, implementation or operational execution stages.


Standard Solutions

These solutions include the core building blocks of IOR and EOR consulting: network development – putting clients in touch with the right people – and operational requirements: knowing what to do in a market to get things done and limit risk as an IOR or EOR.

Tailored Advisory Service Solutions

This range of solutions is specifically geared towards each individual client, their unique business models, and solving the particular problems that they may face in individual markets.

To begin with, we aid in business model assessment. Then, we take network development up several notches – into screening, auditing, training and implementation.

Along the way, we conduct market research from economic and/or legislative perspectives, and evaluate, assess and report on implemented solutions. We understand the potential risks and rewards, and appreciate the importance of services that are executed compliantly.

BlueBlox provides enormous value in the IOR and EOR consulting space.